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Forever shirt is a muslimah clothing that blends between superiors and subordinates in a straight, long, and loose shape to cover the entire body from the neck to the ankles. Definition of gamis Forever according to some Muslim women is a female bracket that covers almost all parts of the female body from the shoulder to the leg so that the wearer does not have to look for superiors or subordinates because it is one unit. There juuga some understanding of robe that we often hear from some of the media put forward by experts and the fashion designer but essentially almost the same.
Viewed in terms of patterns, forever gamis including one of the clothes that have a simple shape. However, this simplicity that makes the fashion designer fashion shirt motivated to make the designs of the robe that is more fashionable, elegant, slang, and up to date.
Along with the development of fashion in the world including in Indonesia, the model also took part in developing. Many designers innovate to develop clothes shirt without leaving the characteristics of the robe itself. Through the selection of colors, motifs, hues, models and materials right, now robe much preferred not only by Muslim women in the world but also those who in fact non-Muslims too many like it.
In Indonesia alone the popularity of the shirt continues to rise, there are even some people who dare to say "Without any ad is already popular". Not only because the majority of Indonesians are Muslim who requires Muslim women to close aurat, but because it is supported by their interest in the increasingly diverse models of robe.
Filia Fashion is one manufacturer of shariah shari from Surabaya who continue to innovate develop the models of gamis without leaving the virtue of the clothes to cover the aurat. In addition to the selection of colors and raw materials of quality, the models were designed for user friendly, wudhu friendly, and nursing friendly