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Filia Fashion

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Filia Fashion (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

Filia Fashion is a distributor of nightwear and gamis both children and adults are located in Surabaya
FILIA ITC MEGA WHOLESALE Floor UG blok D3 no 1 Surabaya
FILIN ITC MEGA WHOLESALE floor 1 block C5 no 5-6 Surabaya

adult dresses and adult dresses of Filia
adult nightgowns and adult clothing brand Forever
adult nightclothes and adult clothing of Anneclaire

baby and adult brand Teddybear
gamis child little pineapple brand
gamis child brand anneclaire
BDG baby suits
children's nightwear forever
dress fore clan forever and anneclaire

shipping applies throughout Indonesia

We provide retail and grocery

Retail: no minimum purchase
wholesale: minimum pick up 12 pcs (1 lsn)


ITC lt UG D3 No 1 Surabaya (031) 592.8700 / 0856.272.9999 Surabaya
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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